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Natural Cedarwood Texas Oil

A sweety woody fragrance similar to that of balsamic but not so strong. This Cedarwood benefits the central nervous system. It has calming, sedating effect on stress, nervous tension and anxiety. Therapeutic for the respiratory system along with pores and skin problems, but should be effectively diluted prior to make use of. Cedarward has a balsamic aroma. It it used in perfumes to add body and a warm note to any blend. Cedarwood can also be applied to the inside of a wood chest for a Cedarwood scent. Our cedarwood is extracted using steam distilling method, it's medium to dark yellow in color and thick in texture. USES: Great for skin conditions like such as acne or dermatitis. Great for dandruff and cystitis. Could be used as topical for arthritis and anxiety. Cedarwood may help in treating respiratory system and the kidneys . It's a awesome bug repellent.


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