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Oil Warmers and Diffusers

There are a huge variety of fragrance warmers available on the market today. The electric type warmers has been increasingly growing because of there ease of use. Simply plug and go. They use a typical power outlet of 110 volts. You must also use a 35 watt halogen bulb for heating purposes. A typical bulb could produce about 1000 burning hours. So, Say goodbye to candles and flames. These burner could be adjusted to dim the nighlight. The standard oil burners work just like incense except you don't have any ash.

Traditionally, many people used the tea light warmers which required you to place a candle below the burner which heated the oil and created the aroma. These are still sold today, but are not as popular. If you still use the traditional burner. Try our 5 hours tea candles. Oil warmers are made of many types of material e.g. Ceramic, Brass, Metals, Glass and Soapstone. The metal burners are longer lasting as though you don't have to worry about breaking your glass dish and since they are easier to clean. Soapstone burners were use ages ago and still used in today's market since it too is made durable material and easy to clean. Oil diffuser works faster pace to fragrance your home or office. These work great with our Potpourri Burning Oils, and are wonderful aromatherapy in the comfort of your own home!

The benefits of using burners offers stimulating aroma throughout a small space. They're also used as room neutralizer and deodorizers to cover uncomfortable odors We offer limited line of inexpensive oil warmers at wholesale prices. Typical electric plug type burners usually sell for $25-$30 in most department stores. We sell our burners at very competitive prices.

Incense I Ash Catchers I Essential Oils


Black Metal Touch Electric #EL10132AW:

Burner electric burner has a cord that plugs right into the wall socket. $13.95

Electric Wall Plug in Night Light Burner SIE24aw:

Control the light dimmer and intensity of fragrance on the side. Could be used as a night light or room freshener burner. $13.95

Wood Plug In Burner::

Beautiful well crafted wooden burner with redish/orange plastic light insert light protector. Plugs into any regular electrical outlet. $13.95


Silver Metal Burner #2701AW:

Deep dish perfect for your favorite fragrance oil. Easy to clean

Price: $10.00


Electric Clear Corded Burner #AWE365CL:

Table top burner. Great gift item. Cute and light weight. $13.95

Electric Wall Plug-in Blue/Black #AWE711BK:

Burner plugs right into the wall socket. Does not contain cord. Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. $13.95


Amber Electric Wall Plug-in #E301BR-AW:

Beautiful glass burner brown with square dice shape with small glass dish. Cord plugs directly into any electrical outlet. SOLD OUT


Soapstone Burner #ST336AW:

This small 3" burner made of soapstone is strong and durable. Easy to clean with soap and water  $7.95


Clear Tabletop Corded Burner #AWW368CL:

This cute burner will remind you of a crystal class. Very cute and feminine. Will fit into any household setting. It plugs into wall using a cord. $13.95

Tea Light Candles 10pcs:

Our tea candles burns for 5 hours. They are perfect for the non-electric type burners that still use the old fashion regular oil warmer.  $1.75


Deer Electric Plug-in Burner #PI84061AW:

Stylish metal electric oil burner. Frosted black dish. Adjustible dimmer to control aroma.  $13.95 


Electric Plug-in Burner #PI83039AW:

This cute burner is made of all glass except it's plastic base. Very cute and feminine. Will fit into any household setting. Plug directly into wall outlet. $13.95 


Ceramic Burner #57000AW:

This cute ceramic burner with stars around body. Simply light your candle and pour your favorite fragrance and go. $6.00


Ceramic Burner #CER5010AW:

Light green color ceramic burner. Simply light your candle and pour your favorite fragrance. $3.00


Hummingbird Plug-in Burner #PI81618AW:

Metal hummingbird. Adjustable dimmer to control aroma. Plug directly into wall outlet. $13.95 

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