Unscented Incense and Cones


Our incense sticks are imported from China. They are thin and absorbs fragrance at a moderate rate. They burn for approximately 1 hour. When it comes to dipping your own sticks, you will need to purchase several items to make your dip successful. There are no right or wrong way, so relax and have a little fun.

You'll need only a few items to begin your journey to dipping your own incense. A container, unscented sticks, fragrance and dpg cutting oil. Once you've compiled the tools and accessories you'll need everything forward is easy. Mix the fragrance and cutting oil in container. Your container should be long enough to completely submerge your sticks. Most regular sticks are 11" in length so you'll need a container 12" or longer. The less cutting oil you use, the stronger aroma would be produced in your final product. You'll let your sticks dip for up to one day for total saturation afterward you'll the sticks to drain just enough where you could bag them for resellers.


Incense Cones and Use: Cone incense is a form of incense without the stick. These cones are made using various resins and shaped in the form of a cone. The use cones are are the same as those sticks except it has no stick to burn. It produce a highly aromatic fragrance odor when burned. Typical one inch cones burn for 30 minutes.


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11" Unscented Natural Sticks

Cones contains no fragrance and burns for approximately 1 hour.  *One bundle contains approximately 85-100 sticks

1" Unscented Cones

Cones contains no fragrance and burns for approximately 30 minutes. These cone comes unscented and requires you to dip them before using.

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