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Incense & Oils Sampler Packs

Unsure what you want?. We've put together a few incense and fragrance sampler packs for you to enjoy. We are sure you will find something here you like! All these fragrance packages will offer you a savings one way or another instead of buying each item separately.

A fragrance for every note of the spectrum - high notes, low notes and everything in between. A perfect gift for the incense connoisseur! When we created these incense and fragrance oil sampler we had you in mind. These fragrance sampler create a perfect selection of incense fragrances, aroma oil warmers, burning oils and natural essential oils for you to test or great for holiday gift giving. Every year, we sell tons of these items. Our oil sampler pack makes great stocking stuffers at Christmas time and inexpensive gift items on Birthday's and as favors.

We'll continue to add more packages based on customers request. These packages ideal for average home user. They are small and provide just enough contents to allow you to try us out. ou could choose from any of our fragrances. A few popular scents are Sex on the Beach, Bump n Grind and Vanilla. A couple stronger fragrances would be Tutty Frutty, Cherry, Lick Me All Over and Honey Almond. Those scents are just a reference to you. You are open to select your own preferred scents.


1/8 oz Dram Sampler

These is a cool little sampler comes complete with (12) twelve 1/8 ounces tester vials and one (1) light bulb ring. It's a great deal for $10. The fragrances change week to week based on our most makes a great gift item and holiday popular sellers. These fragrances are randomly selected each week. No Pick and Choose. If you rather choose your click here
Price $10.00

Aroma Burner Sampler Pack

This comes with a randomly selected oil warmer may differ from photo shown. Includes four (4) fragrances of your choice and three (3) tea candles. NOTE: This kit DOES NOT include a electric burner!

Price: $10.00

Incense & Oil Sampler #421

Package is ideal for typical home user. It includes two (2) bundles of approximately 100 sticks, one (1) wood burner, one (1) 1/2 oz bottle of fragrance, (1) diffuser ring and one (1) dropper. Price $10.00

Make Your Own Incense

How cool is it to dip your own incense? It's an exciting way to explore fragrances and create a unique aroma just for you. This neat little kit comes with 100 unscented sticks, three (3) 1 oz fragrances, one (1) 2oz of DPGF to dilute your fragrances and reduce black smoke from burning sticks, one (1) Ash Catcher and five (5) bags
Price $10.00

Variety Sample Package #432

Perfect way to test a variety of our popular  incense stick fragrances.
Package contains 10 packs of 15 sticks. SELECTED AT RANDOM
Price $10.00

100 Cones Sampler Pack 

This package includes 100 unscented cones, (3) 2 oz of oils, (1) 3 oz DPG and (10) zip lock bags. * Oil Selected at Random
Price $10.00

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