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Light Bulb Rings

Immediately turn any kind of normal household 60 watt bulb in to an fragrance burner. Brass rings are a type of diffuser that emits fragrance when the heat from a bulb warms the oils and diffuse the scent into open airs throughout your home. These type of rings or ideally use for small areas such as clothes, hallways and bathrooms. But they also work great just about anywhere especially in homes with children. Because you'll never have to worry about them spilling the oil. A 60 watt bulb works best but you could use it just the same in a 100 watt bulb. Fragrance light rings are easy to use. If your bulb hangs upside down you'll have to reverse the way you install the ring so again it's sitting in a upright position. Not for using with halogen bulbs as they get hot too fast and will burn the oil.


Light rings are inexpensive to purchase. You could place one in every room on your house if your prefer. When filling the rings make sure the bulbs have cool down and remove the bulbs to prevent accidental spills. You only need to had a small amount of oil to fill the ring half way. They would be more than enough to last a few days in area such as halls or bathrooms where the lights are turn on and off often. Our rings are 3" in diameter and fits all standard light bulbs. Does not work with low energy bulbs as they do not produce enough heat.


Burning Oils I Glass Bottles I Dipped Sticks

Brass Lamp Rings

For use with standard 60 or 100 watt light bulbs. You simple add a small amount of fragrance in the the reservoir and sit the ring upright on the bulb. The fragrance when heated will add a nice aroma to room. OUT OF STOCK. 

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