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Unscented Bath Salt Crystals

Large coarse salt crystals are normally used as a decorative or potpourri salt. They look great when you add herbs or flowers to your finish product. The salts could still be used in everyday baths. However these salt crystals are very large and dissolves extremely slow. Using natural dead sea salt in baths help to soothe the skin and remove damage skin cells and allow the for new skin growth. As many of you know there are many forms of salts from pink, dead sea, Himalayan salt and many other forms all used to help with various skin conditions. Our salts are evaporated from the Pacific ocean, The cleaning process which all debris are removed from the salts are minimal to maintain a high mineral content.


Using salt is a natural means of providing the body with highly concentrated mineral which stimulate muscles and aid in removing dead skin allowing the skin rejuvenate and soft. Salt as a bath aid was previous only used in expensive spa's and health centers. Although now in this modern day it's commonly used in day spa's, nail shops and many massage parlors. Our salts are made to your specifications fresh.


How to Make Your Own Scented Bath Salts
There are many great benefits to using therapeutic bath salts. Scenting and decorating salt are also a lot of fun. You could implement so many additives to make your own unique blend by adding herbs, spices, color and fragrances. It's very rewarding and great for gifts and favors too!


Essential Oil Blends I Salts & Herbs I Bags for Salts

Fine Grain:

Smaller than table salt, not as coarse as sugar. Salt dissolve extremely fast in water and mix well oils making it the perfect choice for foot and body scrubs.

Medium Grain:

This selection is ideal for everyday use. It dissolve fast and is great 
choice for use in day to day bath soaks. This is also preferred option for favors or gifts

Coarse Grain:

This salt is much more coarse than our medium salts and dissolve very slow. They are large rock salts and looks terrific as decorative salts. Not a good choice for everyday use in bath

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