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Incense Bags


Our reclosable bags are constructed with polyethylene and meet all USDA and Food and drug administration needs. Each bag includes a high quality zip which will safeguard its contents. Things you may not have known about the use of plastics in the United States and Worldwide. Being the worlds number one choice, Plastic is commonly used in 100's to 1000's of everyday products making plastics one of the highest used materials around the world. The product is used in everyday items such as cups, bottles, clothing such as polyester or rayon.

Plastic bags are used to bag our groceries at the local grocery store. Credit cards are made of plastics and used to pay for those groceries. Plastic bags are used to store foods and treats. We actually use plastic bags to bag up various items within our own business to separate item, prevent leakage of other items. Plastic bags are used throughout the world and each minute more than a million bags are used. With over 790 billion bags used on regular everyday tasks. 1 out 5 stores still and continues to use paper bags while the majority has switch over to plastics. Most of the United States household use more than 500 bags on a regular for storage with about 150 of those bags being used for storing their food products.


Sticks Cones I Supplies

2 X 12 Ziploc Bags:

This bags are clear and perfect for our 11" sticks but could be used for a variety concepts. They are 2" wide and 12" long made of LDPE material.

3 X 4 Ziploc Bags:

Theses small bags ar ideal for crafty concepts including, bath salts, confettis and favors. Bags measures exactly 3"wide X 4" long. They will hold approximately 25 small cones or 2-3 large or approximately 4-5 medium cones.

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