Wood Incense Burners

When selecting a holder for your incense you ur incense stick burners are of very high quality.We select burners which come from all over the world such as India, and China. must select one that is we sell the most offer a clean burning experience. The are fireproof and ideal for the specific type of incense you are burning. These wood coffin boxes ideal because they are holders.perfect for storae and ash cleanup. We also offer a selection of cone incense

We carry the popular 12 inch Coffin Box with Jali Perforated Top Assorted designs. The wooden incense box is great for storing your incense. It has a secret compartment below for your storage. From ritual to remedy—the incense stick and its close cousins have traveled a long way, solely on the strength of fragrance. And for a society gradually awakening to the benefits of this olfactory sensation, incense can definitely look forward to yet another evolutionary leap!


Incense Sticks Cone Holders I Ash Catchers

Extra Length Wood Incense Box

This burner is longer than our typical 12 inch burner. It has star and moon design. Hand carved. Comes with 1 pack of Super Hit Incense
Price $9.00

Wooden Coffin Incense Box

12 inches long hand carved coffin box. Comes with 15 incense sticks.
Price $8.00

Natural Tower Burner Box

 Includes 15 incense sticks Price $9.00

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