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Types of Incense Sticks

Incense has been used to provide the perfect settings for the development of spirituality and enrichment. In line with this, people need to make sure that they develop the perfect case scenario with the different types of sticks which will be sure to provide the required standard and feel of enhancement.

Burning incense regardless to brand has been used around the world for centuries to create a relaxing atmosphere. While many just burn them for the joy of creating a nice aroma in their surroundings. Many years ago people used incense for far more of spiritual or medicinal purpose.

We use Chinese incense punk in our own incense making. As though we feel the sticks are strong and made of great selection of ingredients to create a terrific burning experience for our customers. Although we only tested our incense is a couple other types of sticks. We used imported Indian charcoal sticks for a short time because it offered a more cleaning burning aroma. But due to people lack of knowledge of the sticks they were not as popular to many of our customers.

A few of the most popular types of incense are and include;

Japanese incense


This type of incense has been majorly used because of the quality and ease of use. Incense was once popular in China and then spread and Japan began making their own incense. It has been characterized by a wide history base as it is believed to have been developed from Buddhism.

Sandalwood, Benzoin, Agarwood and Cinnamon are a few of the main ingredients of the incense and hence one can be sure that they will have the terrific aroma. Agarwood is a heavy resin that sinks in water. Many of these resins are popular for creating the base of Japanese incense. Incense from Japan has gained wide recognition around the world for it’s quality.

This type of incense has been used in many ceremonies and it is preferred since it gives the ultimate feel and blends well with what was needed in the ceremony. The goodness with this type of incense is that it is not extremely powerful and hence cannot cause discomfort to some people when used.

Indian incense

This can be the perfect choice when one needs to make sure that they are in the right frame of mind for operation. It is known to provide exquisite smells which are able to calm the nerves and provide a smooth sensation which will drive the mood of the function. The best and most revered value that the incense from India provides is of course the medicinal effect that it has on the people who will get a feel of it. This has been its major uplift and it makes the incense particularly important. Many Indian brands of incense are natural made of pure sandalwood such as the popular Nag Champa. Which is a rich aroma made of sandalwood and mysore oil. The ingredients are highly fragrant making this one the world’s most popular brand of imported Indian Incense.


Indians in the traditional setting were highly bent on discovering the right way by which people can receive spiritual uplift from a simple procedure of relaxation and this was the perfect solution and answer to it.


Tibetan incense

Tibet has been regarded as the origin of all the incense families of the world. This is because the incense was a representation of the Tibetan culture and it was responsible for making the natives have a feeling of belonging and identity. The Tibet incense has been widely accepted as a medical remedy due to the strength and the potential to heal that it carries. It is very common for people to use Tibet incense for treating sickness. Many people over the years has also use these imported incense for meditation and tantra. The scent follows a certain trace which marks the real and authentic makers of the incense who are sure to provide the real deal when it comes to the scents. Tibetan incense usually contains more than twenty five different ingredients to create the natural meditational incense. Which are used widely around the world but is a very major aspect in Tibetan culture incense the scents that the incense produce would be used for medicine rituals and cleansing ceremonies and this explains the wide honor that the actual aspect has been carried with throughout the years.

Incense comes in variety of brands and fragrances. There is a selection for anyone searching for a unique scent. You could browse our 65 fragrant incense here.

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