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Testing Size Fragrance

We have a product line of more than 100 trial size fragrances and have access to 500 plus fragrance at our secondary warehouse. We always adding new selections based on customer's needs. These small drams are ideal to test before purchasing in bulk. This allow you to smell our oils to ensure the fragrance is your desired preferred choice. There are many companies on the market selling oils all around the world. Since our fragrances are not Designer originals there is that possibility our fragrance may not smell identical to one you purchased from another vendor. We have an terrific chemist who blends, test and try to match brands and some of our fragrance are very close to original. These fragrances are ideal for incense and burning. Although they could also be used with popourri and in wax. We suggest testing in smaller quantities to ensure our oils works with your end product. They are small and makes great choice for favors and stocking stuffers.

1/8 Dram Tester Vials

These vials are small and ideal for testing out our product before purchasing in bulk. 
We also carry these sample size vials at wholesale prices.

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