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Incense Cones

We offer high quality scented cone incense, Our cones are strong and burns for half hour. The aroma is strong and pleasing. We carry 50 plus scents to choose from. Cone incense has been widely growing around the world for their ease of usage. Many consumers appreciate the lack of sticks when burning cones.

You must place the small cylinder cone in a heat resistant dish to prevent damage. You may even choose a regular household bowl for this purpose. You would add a small amount of sand inside bowl and sit the cone onto of sand. Don't forget to check out our accesories. We carry a variety of incense cone holders if you prefer not to use alternatives.


Cone incense is formed in the convenient and mystically conducive shape of small pyramids; small and fragrant with aromas that are long lasting. Cones can be burned in smaller areas than the regular long sticks of incense can't fit. All cones are dipped fresh when ordered. Cones incense has been a long time favorite for those that did not want to deal with the messiness of burning sticks dropping ashes. Since cones does not have a stick they could burn in any type of flame retardant container to catch the falling ash. All our scented cones are dipped in pure 100% incense oil for no less than 24 hours.

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Incense Cones

Our cones are dipped in the fragrance of your choice and soaked over night for the best aroma. All cones burns for 30 minutes. 

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