White Sage Loose Leaves

 Our sage is used as herbal treatments that originated from the Asia and other areas. Sage continues to be grown in Central Europe since the Dark Ages. However the sage we sale in Native to California and grown in abundance and packaged and resold once dried. The title Salvia derives in the Latin 'salveo', meaning 'to heal'. Indeed this plant is extremely regarded as for it's healing characteristics. An old proverb states, 'Why should a guy die that has sage in the garden?' The traditional Greeks used sage internal consumption to treat common stomach problems and bites from snakes.

The Romans considered sage to become a sacred plant and concocted an entire elaborate ceremony simply to pick it. A sage gatherer would need to make use of a special knife (not provided of iron because it responds using the sage), need to have clean clothes and clean ft along with a sacrifice of food would need to be produced before he could begin. The Romans would apply it tooth paste additionally they thought so that it is great for the mind, senses and memory.

Chew Stick Herb I Incenses

3-4 Inch Lavender Sage Smudge

Lavender for relaxation + Sage for purification. The foliage is burned and can create a aromatic smoke. White sage can also be considered ideal like a ceremonial rituals and cleansing.
Price $4.00 each

3-4 Inch Seven Chakra Sage 

The ritual of sage smudging can be explained as "spiritual home cleaning". In Theoretically, the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and when the smoke clears it attaches to the negative energy by absorbing it, delivering it into another space where it will likely be regenerated into positive energy.
Price $4.00 each

3-4 Inch Blue Sage Smudge

Blue sage is found in the Southwestern deserts and is known for its spiritual heal properties and health rituals. Used as an natural purification like it's counterpart white sage.
Price $4.00 each

3-4 Inch Floral Sage Smudge

Smudging white sage + roses makes an ideal blend for mediation, healing,
cleansing and aromatherapy. 
Price $4.00 each

California White Sage :

Ideal for burning as incense. Room purification and meditation. 
Could be repackaged and sold. Ingredients Pure California White Sage, (Salvia apiana)

Desert Magic & Small Abalone Shell 1oz

Smudging Desert Magic and (1) small Red Abalone Shell. Ideal for Room purification and meditation. Desert magic is a highly aromatic brush and greate for spiritual house purification. It's one of the herbs used among Native American to cleanse their surroundings of negativity. 
Price $3.50 each

3-4 inch Peppermint Sage Smudge

Peppermint helps improves sleep and energy.  The burning of herbal treatments for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification can also be common practice among many religious, healing, and spiritual groups.  

Price $4.00 each

3-4 inch Rosemary Smudge

Utilizing a smudging tool belongs to many Native American traditions. Rosemary therapeutic and cleansing 

Price $4.00 each

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