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Licorice Root Chew Stick


Licorice (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) is really a sweet plant that offers significant anti-inflammatory qualities. Holistic utilization of licorice for gastric irritation goes back towards the first century. Today, herbal formulations are utilized to treat stomach and intestinal stomach problems, lower acidity levels and coat the stomach wall having a protective gel. Rarely used by itself, it's a common element of many herb teas as mild laxative, a diuretic, as well as for wind. It has additionally been recognized to relieve rheumatism and joint disease, regulate low bloodstream sugar, and it is effective for Addison's disease. The main extract produces mild estrogenic effects, and contains proven helpful in dealing with signs and symptoms of menopause, controlling the monthly period, and reducing menstrual cramps. Chinese Licorice root, or Glycyrrhiza, is among the finest herbal treatments recognized to mankind. Licorice root develops energy and is a superb digestive tonic. It's the most broad spectrum natural cleansing agent known, freeing your body well over 1500 known harmful toxins with no distressful side-effects. It may also help regulate the bloodstream sugar level, helping combat hypoglycemia, one such discrepancy.


Licorice is really a perennial plant indigenous to southern Europe, Asia and also the Mediterranean. It's extensively cultivated in Russia, The country, Iran and India. It is among the most widely used and broadly consumed herbal treatments. It's found in many foods and teas. These sticks aren't meant to identify, treat and cure or prevent disease. Always talk to your professional healthcare physician.

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Licorice Chew Stick

Sticks are 7" length. Our full pound contains approximately 30-40 sticks.

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