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Home Fragrance Oils

Using fragrances in the home has been a popular regimen for decades. We use various products around the home to refresh the airs from the plug in aromatic type, room spray air fresheners, scented gels and more popular home burning diffusers. Our oils are pure 100% all oil base. We never use alcohol base in our products as though we believe it depletes the quality and you'll have to use additional additives to maintain the overall quality. This is why we only supply unadulterated oil. Our oils formulations could be used in a variety products including household cleaners and room sprays but mostly used in various household aromatic crafts, potpourri, incense making, reed diffusers and burners. Home fragrances are not the same as pure essential oils as though natural oils are deprived from various plants parts using various methods such as steaming.

We have been supplying our home fragrances to Communities for a decade with customers all over the United States. We supply our oils to both retail and wholesale customers. Our product line consist of more than 100 fragrances which are available in a range of sizes from a 1/8 of ounce to full pounds. When selecting a supplier for your needs make sure that you test all products and base your decision of quality, reliability and affordability. Not all fragrance suppliers provide the same quality and remember not all fragrances smell the same. We carry many aroma's that's unique to our store that you'll never be able to find at another Company. We have a chemist on hand that formulate many of our fragrances specifically to our specifications and are not replicated at any other store. This is what set us apart for others. We suggest you purchase smaller quantities to test our fragrance to ensure you like the quality and that it works well with your final product.


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Home Burning Oils:​

Just pour a small amount into your favorite diffuser and soon your room will fill with a terrific aroma; All our home fragrances are already cut and ready for use. These oils are formulated for use in incense and diffusers. Oil is already diluted seventy percent fragrance and thirty percent cutting solvent.

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