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Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are a fragrant aroma stick cover with resin powder and soaked in fragrance or potpourri oils to give it a fragrance. Our sticks are made of the highest quality possible to offer you a pleasant burning experience. All sticks are dipped in premium incense oil, contains no alcohol and are soaked for twenty-four hours. This allow the oil to penetrate the sticks resin batter thoroughly and give you the highest potential aroma possible.


Our incense sticks have a shelf life of 5-6 months if stored properly. Never allow burning sticks to be in reach of young children. Always ensure you place your incense in a fireproof container to catch the hot ashes while burning. Always use incense safety and caution when burning sticks.We also carry a variety holders for this purpose.

Bulk Sticks Available:
If you are purchasing more than 10 bundles we suggest to buy in bulk for best savings Click Here. Incense has been used for religion, meditation and medicinal purpose for ages. Historically it is difficult to say how far back incense traditions go back because of traditions evolving in relation to modern theory on medicine and religion.

Incense Holders I Ziplock Bags  I Hem Incense

Hand Dipped Bundles

11" Sticks burns for approximately one hour. Soak in pure oil for 24 hours. Strong lasting aroma


Variety Sample Package #432

Perfect way to test a variety of our popular  incense stick fragrances.
Package contains 10 packs of 15 sticks. SELECTED AT RANDOM
Price $9.00

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