Brass Cone Holders


Our wooden cone burners are made of very good quality. Most are hand crafted and imported from various parts of the world. With many of the ash catchers and burners being imported China and India. We provide a excellent selection to choose from and we pride ourselves with quality holders, to make for easy storage and cleanup. To ensure qualility products we only carry a limited inventory of holders. Cone holders are an essential tool to prevent your incense ashes from burning tables or damaging counters. Many of the wooden and brass holders have compartments for storing cones making them an ideal buy.


Everyone who burns incense are aware that it's just important for a user to have something stable and fireproof to burn their incense in. Incense burners are known by many names including ash catchers or censers. Some people use bowls of sand to catch the burning ash of the sticks or cones or more commonly place the stick in something commonly found around the house like plant or soda can. Although these methods work as well they are not at all safe for everyday use. It's best to use something that is specifically made for the purpose that's also heat resistant to prevent fire or damage. We carry several brass, wood and lacquered burners for your use.


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Laquer Stick and Cone Holder

This burner is hand designed in india and has small mirror jewels. It's made for cones but could hold sticks as well.  Assorted Designs & Colors  $1.00 each

Wood Cone Box

This burner is almost identical to our perforated 12 inch cone box. However this little guy is made specially for cones. Never worry about falling ashes. Includes 10 incense cones FREE. $5.00 each

Pentacle Star Cone Holder

This pentacle incense cone holders holds a single cone and up to 12 sticks.  Includes 10 incense cones FREE. $3.50 each

2inch Brass Cone Holder

These little guys are one of our popular sellers due to it's being easy to clean long last made of durable brass and easy to clean. $2.00 each

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