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Hem Incense

Hem brand was created many years ago in 1983 and the company one of the popular agarbatti incense stick manufacturer supplier in India. Hem believe in producing top quality incense using the finest ingredients such as premium resins, natural essential oils, high quality woods and herbs to create the perfect balance of aromatherapy incense sticks. Dhoops are also known as agarbatti incense which are both hand and machine made to perfection. These sticks has been known to have a long shelf life due to the natural ingredients, making them ideal for relaxation and mediation. Hem incense are a very popular brand that has been consider one of Indias favorite worldwide.

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HEM Money Draw 20 Sticks:

Made to perfection with various natural resins and essentials oils and blended onto a bamboo stick. 

Price $1.50


HEM Cannabis 8 grams:

cannabis its formulated to get rid of the smell of cannabis or any other strong odors it does not smell like cannabis it effectively neutralizes odors. Approx. 8 sticks

Price $1.50 


HEM Love & Sex  20 Sticks:

sex and love provides a soothing aroma ambience for great for relaxing meditation perfect for setting the moods its a romantic aroma to awaken your senses. 

Price $1.50


HEM Feng Shui Earth 8 Grams:

Made of the perfect blend of essential oils and resin to create an amazing aroma. 

Price $1.50


HEM Kamasutra 8 grams:

Made with the finest essential oils and resin and imported. 

Price $1.50 


HEM Good Luck 8 Grams:

Imported and made with all natural essential oils and resin. 

Price $1.50

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