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Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint natural essential oil is above all thought to be the greater soothing variation of Peppermint, it's could used on young children and people with delicate skin. It's not as strong as other minty essential oils. The herbs itself has been used in many teas and kitchens around the globe. It offers gentle medical qualities to aid in healing, relaxing and soothing. Spearmint is enjoyable aroma that may help sensory issues, offers anti fungal and antiseptic healing properties. Spearmint is a terrific choice to blend with Eucalyptus to open up sinus. Our spearmint is steam distilled, clear to yellow in color which has a sweet mint fragrance that is less prominent that it's Peppermint counterpart. This oil mix well with Lavender, Basil and Sweet Orange.


SPEARMINT BENIFITS: Heals sores, burns and aid in removal of scabs. Great for headaches and stress. Helps with many period cramps and muscle pains and aches.

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Mentha Spicata

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