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Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oils continues to be utilized in many of today's household bath and kitchen products. It could be applied various lotions to help dull skin it absorbs well. Our orange is method of extraction is use by the coldpress process. The aroma is extremely strong and it's very thin similar of that of water. The aroma is has a very citrus, sweet, reminiscent of orange peels type aroma, but more concentrated and a little bitter sweet at the same time. Orange essential oil is commonly used in kitchen soaps and floor cleaners because it helps to remove stubborn odors. The color of the oil is medium to dark yellow.


ORANGE BENIFITS: It's a common antiseptic and anti-depressant oil. It blends extremely well with lavender. Its also a nervous system stimulant and tonic to aid in cardiac and circulation properties. Great for removing odors, stimulate, blood circulation. Blends well with Lavender.

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