Starter Packages: Incense & Oils

We're always adding new packages. These incense starter kits are ideal for new business startups. We have a little something for everyone. Perhaps you enjoy dipping your own sticks, we have something for you! These incense kits sell out fast no matter if you have a small business, retailer outlet, incense flea market store , candle crafter stores, vendor shop, buyer seller shops, or simply one who appreciates fragrances and love to sell at your swapmeet or local mall. . The scent draws the potential customer. Our incense sticks are all hand dipped and soaked in pure incense oil for no less than 24 hours.

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Product Image Description Price
Package 1

Starter Package #1

This is a new business starter kit. It contains just enough items to begin dipping your own incense. Full Case Unscented Sticks, 1 Dozen Ash Catchers, 100 Incense Bags and Ten 16 oz bottles of Cut Incense Oil

Separate Fragrance Selection: Magnolia, Sex on the Beach...


You Pay $199.95
$230.00 if purchased separately

Starter Package #2

2 Incense Sampler (2000 sticks) 20 bundles selected at random
2 Dozen Ash Catchers and 200 Incense Bags


You Pay $68.50
$72.80 if purchased separately

Package 3

Starter Package #3

1 Incense Sampler (1000 sticks) 10 bundles selected at random
24 Ash Catchers, 200 Incense Bags and 100 - 1/2 bottles of oils

(20 Fragrances / 5 Bottles Each) Separate Fragrance Selection: Peppermint, Apple...


You Pay $170.00
$191.85 if purchased separately

Package 6

Starter Package #6

This package is perfect if you prefer pouring your own fragrances.
Contains: Two 16 oz DPG Cutting Solvent, 100 - 1/2 oz Amber Bottles and Ten 4 oz bottles of oils.

Separate Fragrance Selection: Rose, Cherry...


You Pay $129.00
$142.50 if purchased separately

Starter Package #7

This is one of our popular packages. It contains a 1000 Sticks.
10 Bundles of our MOST popular fragrances selected at random.


You Pay $25.95
$27.50 if purchased separately