Pure Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are natural oils derived from various plants parts vy various means such as steam, solvent extracting, distilling or expressing. These oil could be used on the skin, in bath and body products and could also be used to aid in promoting relaxation and other herbal properties. Natural oils has bee nused for centuries in many homeopath rememdies.

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Anise Essential Oil

Anise oil helps relieve excessive cough caused by Bronchitis, soothes sore throats and coughs, reduce unwanted gas and flu symptoms, help with muscle soreness and aches. There is certainly more positive rewards and advantages of using Anise Star essential oil. It's a commonly use to flavor teas and medicinal syrups. This specific botanical herb ended up useful for several ages. Particularly historical by Greeks, it was a supplement commonly used to rid coughs and colds. Early Romans utilized Anise in specific food preparations and teas. Over the years, the botanical herb had been utilized because of its quality and strong licorice taste, but being an aid and helping with digestion, colic babies combat excessive crying and ease their tummy it has been implemented in many over the counter homeopath brands.

Natural Cedarwood Texas Oil

A sweety woody fragrance similar to that of balsamic but not so strong. This Cedarwood benefits the central nervous system. It has calming, sedating effect on stress, nervous tension and anxiety. Therapeutic for the respiratory system along with pores and skin problems, but should be effectively diluted prior to make use of. Cedarward has a balsamic aroma. It it used in perfumes to add body and a warm note to any blend. Cedarwood can also be applied to the inside of a wood chest for a Cedarwood scent. Our cedarwood is extracted using steam distilling method, it's medium to dark yellow in color and thick in texture. USES: Great for skin conditions like such as acne or dermatitis. Great for dandruff and cystitis. Could be used as topical for arthritis and anxiety. Cedarwood may help in treating respiratory system and the kidneys . It's a awesome bug repellent.

Natural Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is a highly antifungal and anti-infectious oil with an awekening lemony minty scent which surprisingly soothing to the body and mind. It mixes nicely with our minty spearmint essential oil. Our eucalytpus oil is thin in consistency, clear in color, extracted by steaming. The aroma is minty medicinal. Eucalyptus is used in many cold chest rubs to open up nasal and congestion. Eucalyptus trees grows very tall with many exceeding 20-30 feet. The tree product a deep grayish green foliage. The oil from the leaves are extracted by means of steam distilling. They are practically 500 types of eucalyptus trees around the world. Eucalyptus is one of the most common essential oils that are used for medicine purpose to aid in clearing colds due to it's menthol aroma which helps open of breathing canals. EUCALYPTUS BENIFITS: is a anti-septic, medicinal oil. It heals and renew dead skin. Open sinus, relax muscles and clear congestion. It's camphor aroma is strong and blends well with minty aroma's such as spearmint, peppermint.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger often grows to exceed 4 feet in height. The root is distilled by high heat and this is how the essential or natural oil is derived from the root. The prime ingredient in is a natural analgesic helping decrease arthritis pains. It's used by many therapist diminish prostagladin output. It eradicate that those painful muscle when used as a topical or taken internally in teas usually provides a immediate reduction in pain. Bad blood circulation is usually the crucial reason why the entire body stays chilly. This is often a key concern if you or someone you know always complains of coldness. Adding a small amount of fresh ginger to food preparation, teas or juices will greatly increase circulation. Ginger root is a very sweet herb and taste great adding to meals.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has become used for a long time to support relaxation. It truly possesses good therapeutic properties. It may be useful for healing skin conditions for example wounds, scratches and bruises. In addition to using lavender for skin problems it's ideal for comforting and relaxing anxiety. Clearing oily skin issues. Lavender is best use to heal pimples, allergic reactions of the skin, nervousness, cuts, depressive disorder, unwanted gas. Of all the conditions used to treat specific issues, Lavender is most commonly used for relaxing the body and nerves. Usually found in shampoos, bubble baths and lotions. What exactly is it regarding the scent connected with lavender that may be so appealing? The bright lavender flower is beautiful and the aroma is soft and sweet. Today's aromatherapy property consist of using alternate treatments in homeopathic medicine. Lavender's health benefits has been reported and well documented around the World about health related uses. is usually a natural insomnia aid, lavender often have sedative side effects. It's used products to help with thinning or hair hair. May be used in shower, inhaled as well as applied topically.

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Decreases extreme perspiration. Teas made out of Lemongrass, is extremely
efficient with decreasing a elevated temperature. Lemongrass is well know due to it's stimulating in addition to antiseptic qualities. It's an outstanding anti-depressant, that tones in addition to fortifies your tense nerves. It's soothing to the aches and pains caused by arthritis and nervous system. Many of our customer use lemongrass in our salts to create a awesome bath soak. We recommend using this oil to anyone who suffers from morning fatigue it has amazing effects, and you'll appreciate lemongrass. It's also used to detox lymph and cellulite and removing oils from the skin and hair. It could also be used as a gentle sedative, tonic and anti inflammatory agent. Lemongrass grows extremely fast, it's a tall plant, similar to aromatic perennial grass that grows up to several feet.

Natural Spearmint Oil

Spearmint natural essential oil is above all thought to be the greater soothing variation of Peppermint, it's could used on young children and people with delicate skin. It's not as strong as other minty essential oils. The herbs itself has been used in many teas and kitchens around the globe. It offers gentle medical qualities to aid in healing, relaxing and soothing. Spearmint is enjoyable aroma that may help sensory issues, offers anti fungal and antiseptic healing properties. Spearmint is a terrific choice to blend with Eucalyptus to open up sinus. Our spearmint is steam distilled, clear to yellow in color which has a sweet mint fragrance that is less prominent that it's Peppermint counterpart. This oil mix well with Lavender, Basil and Sweet Orange. SPEARMINT BENIFITS: Heals sores, burns and aid in removal of scabs. Great for headaches and stress. Helps with many period cramps and muscle pains and aches.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oils continues to be utilized in many of today's household bath and kitchen products. It could be applied various lotions to help dull skin it absorbs well. Our orange is method of extraction is use by the coldpress process. The aroma is extremely strong and it's very thin similar of that of water. The aroma is has a very citrus, sweet, reminiscent of orange peels type aroma, but more concentrated and a little bitter sweet at the same time. Orange essential oil is commonly used in kitchen soaps and floor cleaners because it helps to remove stubborn odors. The color of the oil is medium to dark yellow. ORANGE BENIFITS: It's a common antiseptic and anti-depressant oil. It blends extremely well with lavender. Its also a nervous system stimulant and tonic to aid in cardiac and circulation properties. Great for removing odors, stimulate, blood circulation. Blends well with Lavender.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint could be generally acknowledged as being used for digestive system support. Peppermint herbs has a menthol aroma and minty taste. Mentha is well for heating and cool effect. Peppermint is usually helpful to this muscles, specifically women of all ages who are experiencing menopause symptoms. . Peppermint is used in many gums, teas and candies. The natural oil is far more stronger and very concentrated. A little goes a long way. Use moderate amounts and add additional as needed. It's a terrific nervous system tonic of which aids in emotional exhaustion in addition to anxious stress. The info supplied on our site is solely for educational uses. Peppermint is clear in color, thin oil and a minty notes. Used in teas to aid healing to irritated bowel syndrome, infections, cold relief, pregnancy morning sickness and GI problems.